UC Davis Library Website

The UC Davis Library website is an ongoing work in progress. With iterative updates and user testing, it is slowly morphing into a more usable and attractive interface, and I'm driving the UX wheel. Originally a contracted build through a third party, our small team (1 ux and 2 programmers) have been overhauling the site while juggling a variety of other application projects.

When I came on board, I had my work cut out for me, despite the site launch having been relatively recent. The new site was riddled with problems, the worst of which being inconsistency. There were 30+ font styles and 5 different navigation types that varied from page to page. Things that looked the same did not always behave the same.

My first goal was to get the site completely standardized and mobile friendly to improve both the user experience and ease the maintenance required by the development team

Since the we've been systematically making improvements to various features of the site and implementing new ones, weaving in user testing to verify that our changes work for our users and to highlight the problems that remain.

The journey to a user friendly UC Davis Library site is a long and ongoing one, with many planned improvements queued up for implementation as quickly as our small team can make it happen. The images above show a small number of the improvements that have been made under my UX guidance.

Visit the most recent iteration of the UC Davis Library website at library.ucdavis.edu.