Price the Vintage

UC Davis Library has digitized hundreds of catalogs from the famed distributor, Sherry-Lehmann. From the late 1930s through the 1950s, these illustrated brochures list prices from thousands of now rare bottles, helping to chart America’s appreciation for wine from France, Spain, Italy, and beyond.

In order to make these beautiful documents searchable and the information usable for research, an online crowd-sourcing application was developed to help transcribe the information contained within the catalogs. 

The original application was bland and the forms difficult to navigate. I gave the base product a design overhaul including recommending and mocking up UI improvements to improve usability and pleasure in using the product. An ongoing project, future improvements plans include an improved administrative view, an attractive user dashboard for tracking contributions and expanded content to include menus and wine labels with UI adjustments specific to each content type's need. 

The Alpha release of the project is current available at